College of Medicine

Volume 11, Number 1

July  2002

Educational Support Office Newsletter


First Year Orientation

The Class of 2006 will begin classes this August.  A three-day medical school orientation (August 19th – 21st) will precede the start of classes.  At orientation, students will participate in a Problem-Based Learning session and attend a library orientation.

 Any faculty member who is interested in participating in First Year Orientation should contact the Educational Support Office at 559-8682.

Entering students will also participate in the White Coat Ceremony.  This year, it will be held on Friday, August 23rd at the Strauss Performing Arts Center on the UNO campus.  Students’ families will have an opportunity to take a tour of the Medical Center on the day of the White Coat Ceremony. At the Ceremony, Dean Armitage will present a talk on Professionalism, and Bob Wigton, M.D. will present The History of the College of Medicine.  The students will take a professionalism oath before receiving their first Awhite coat”. Following the ceremony, a reception for the incoming students and their families will be held. 


Faculty Recruitment

A request for faculty participation in first semester Problem-Based Learning sessions will soon be sent to you.  Faculty members are asked to participate in this important part of medical student education.  Special training sessions are available for those who have not previously facilitated.

Facilitators will be asked to participate for 1-2 hours weekly during one of the first or second year cores.  Total time commitment would be approximately 10-15 hours.

Classes for M1 and M2 students begin on Monday, August 26th.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, call the Educational Support Office at 559-8682.

Educational Support Office Changes

Carrie Lee Venable and Dee Cuffee have left the Medical Center to take jobs in other states.  They both provided much appreciated support for the curriculum and will be missed.  Replacements will be identified in the near future.


Golden Apple Awards for 2001-2002

Medical students recognized the following faculty for their contributions to student education this spring.

Golden Apple Awards

M1 – Paul Larsen, M.D.

M2 – Jim Medder, M.D.

M4 – Hirschmann Golden Apple Award

·        Clinical excellence – Dave O’Dell, M.D.

·        Basic science excellence – Robert Binhammer, Ph.D.

These faculty members are to be congratulated for their excellence in teaching as recognized by the medical students.


Center for Health Science Education

Plans for the new education building are well underway.  A steering committee is working with the architects to develop a program statement.  Information on other new medical education buildings is being collected.  If you have any information regarding new buildings at other institutions, please e-mail that information to gfmoore@