College of Medicine

Volume 10, Number 2


August 2001

Educational Support Office Newsletter

Class of 2005

The Class of 2005 will begin classes on Monday, August 27, 2001. 121 students will matriculate (49% female, 51% male). The average overall GPA of the class is 3.73 with a science GPA of 3.67. Their MCAT scores averaged verbal reasoning - 9.7, physical sciences - 9.8, and biological sciences - 9.9.

Nebraska schools represented:

UNL - 34

Creighton - 9

UNK - 9

UNO - 7

Wesleyan - 4

Chadron State College- 3

Hastings - 3

Other NE - 3

Wayne State College - 1

Forty-five of the students attended undergraduate school at institutions outside the State of Nebraska:

Iowa - 10

California - 5

Arizona - 3

Minnesota - 3

Missouri - 3

Colorado - 2

Kansas -2

Michigan - 2

Pennsylvania - 2

Utah - 2

Wisconsin - 2

Other States - 6

The majority of the students have undergraduate majors in the sciences. Other areas represented include anthropology, English, exercise science, foreign language, geography, mathematics, public health, and religion.

The students are participating in the Introduction to Medicine in the 21st Century during the week of August 20th. Dean Armitage will give a presentation on professionalism. Robert Wigton, M.D. will present the history of the College of Medicine.

  White Coat Ceremony

Students and more than 250 family members will attend the White Coat Ceremony. Each student will be presented with their first white coat and take the following pledge:

I dedicate myself to the sciences and the art of medicine.

I promise: to be humble in my ignorance, to preserve the dignity of those I serve, to respect my colleagues in the health professions, to conduct myself in a professional manner, to offer support and encouragement to fellow students.

May I fulfill these responsibilities and bring honor to the University, the faculty, and students of medicine.

The White Coat Ceremony will be followed by a reception sponsored by the College of Medicine Alumni Association.

New M1 Year Director

Richard MacDonald, Ph.D. from the Department of Biochemistry has agreed to take over the responsibility of M1 Year Director. He is also core director for the Cellular Processes Core. He is replacing David Steele, Ph.D.

Faculty Departures

Two faculty who have been intimately involved in medical student education are leaving.

David Steele, Ph.D., M1 year director and Year One ICE core director has taken a position at the new Florida State Medical School. He will be Professor and Assistant Dean for Curriculum Development and Evaluation. Dr. Steele has been at the COM since the curricular change in 1992 and has provided valuable leadership while here.

Warren Stinson, Ph.D., Cell Biology and Anatomy, is retiring after 31 years of service to the COM. Dr. Stinson was a devoted student advocate and instructor in gross anatomy.

Their contributions to medical student education will be sorely missed. We wish them well in their new endeavors.